Diverse Preschool Programs

Give your child the gift of a quality education by enrolling them in one of our preschool learning programs, which are designed to build a strong foundation for future learning.

We help students to develop phonological awareness and letter recognition, in preparation for reading, teach essential math skills, such as subitizing (recognizing how many of something is present, without counting) and using ten frame, and help to promote social and emotional learning. Our programs follow a scaffolding approach, building upon previously learned concepts as we help to prepare your student for kindergarten and beyond.

toddlers playing in the sprinklers

Swimmers (1 – 2 Years Old)

Our program is designed to continue to build your child’s vocabulary. They will explore our learning centers, including dramatic plays and blocks, and develop an understanding of honesty and generosity by sharing and playing with others.

kids playing together

Surfers (2 – 3 Years Old)

Our early childhood program provides experiences planned around learning centers and themes for nurturing your child’s self-esteem, as well as cognitive, social-emotional, physical, and creative development needs.

Divers program students playing in sprinkler

Divers (4 and Older as of Sept 1)

The divers program continues to build upon the lessons learned in our surfers and swimmers programs. Students enrolled in our pre-kindergarten may enroll in this program as a wraparound, to receive childcare before and after school and during the summer months.

Pre-K student


A free tax funded program to help prepare your four-year-old for kindergarten. Children must be 4 years old on or before September 1 of the current school year. Children born between February 2 and September 1 can postpone enrolling until the following year, when their child is 5.

Our 2023 – 2024 Pre-Kindergarten Program Begins on August 21st.